Hey, It’s a me a MARIO.. hehehe

Can’t believe that I’m able to put this blog out, it’s the very first time I wrote a blog myself in english (which I hate when it comes to writing), so please forgive me if there’s a lot of miss-spelled and shitty grammar return here for the rest of the article - hope you’ll understand.


Music video for Pastels - How Romantic.

Finally after awhile and had some time-off from my creative world, I can finally got the inspiration and urge back again to create. I’m super excited to shoot, edit and create this little film featuring some other talents in the industry. The most exciting part is, to be able to express and tell people through my work, what I’ve been doing and going through lately, which will be described in more details in this blog if you bare with me.

“For most of people, I might seem happy all the time, yet, here I am, telling you what has been happening with my life, here in Melbourne.”

Moving to Mars, It hurts like heaven…

Melbourne~ yep beautiful city to live in, no wonder why you are voted as the 1st liveable city in the world based on Google search - I believe (not that kind of guy that’s willing to spend his time doing some crazy research haha). I’m super glad making my way to you, to ‘her’, this city. All the way after a good 4 year journey I made from Sydney and 18 years of living in my crazy isolated island Borneo with all the nice people and friendship I had from those two places, also of course my family, I got to leave them all behind in order to explore myself and become a better stronger person in many aspects, mentally and emotionally, how to be a better human and adult. I’ll have to say, she has made me find the REAL me in so many ways, emotion, social, intelligent, dream, relationship and much more. I’m super glad that she brings me this chance to re-think and become aware about this stuff again which leads me to a life that I want to end up getting, the real life that shows more me and no shit it’s fucking HARD! Yet, super dynamic and full of colours and harmony.

Life in Technicolor…

DAMN Melbourne, you bring me to this next level shit that I would never imagine to have while I was staying both in my previous places Borneo and Sydney. These new experiences with foods, bars, exploration, relationship with people, the culture she has, street performers, arts, even the way it changed my own work in photography, DANG! This city is so vibrant and live, even in the night, like every night! AGAIN, I’m super happy to be here and made this decision to moved in and call her home until my next journey has to begin again.

One of her colours - BLUE.

Rain, it’s the best weather to bring out your melancholic side right? That’s how this all began. The inspiration and concept for this music video. It’s about what I have been through lately. How my life is going in general in Melbourne, and how I feel these days towards my day, it’s BLUE. The recent project with Annie that brings me a chance to express my work through her music, making a video that will tell the audience what my days these days look like and how my routine and feels have been, this inspired by my days and real story in Melbourne. FUCK YEA, It has been hard lately. Simple to say I’ve been stressed out and depressed.

I feel so honoured and happy that I have this opportunity to work with such a talented friend like Annie. (She’s one of my best friends) and having Thembi (her boyfriend) as my housemate is such a fantastic combo! haha LOVE you bro. Well, with no further of my bullshit talks, I’m happy to say that the video will come up soon within a week or two! Getting my friend on board as the cast who I met through the cafe that I worked at in Melbourne Uni - Joshua Sim. The best representative that I would see for myself to be featured in this video  

Thanks for those who has made it this far. I would like to keep it up and improve my writing skills, so let’s see…

That’s it for now, till next time  



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